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The Charleston Peninsula & Ashley Marina

January - December 2018 Newsletter

2018 Newsletter                                                                              Edition-2019

Dear Ashley Marina HPR Member:

This newsletter has been posted online to and we ask that you review it online since we have links to our 2019 HPR budget, 2019 regime fee schedule, 2018 annual meeting PowerPoint, and 2018 annual meeting minutes.

2018 Annual Meeting: Our annual HPR meeting was held December 13th. We had excellent attendance, thus were able to establish a quorum.

Election: During our December 13th annual meeting, we held an election for three expiring Board positions. Nominations were taken from both the floor and via mail-in ballots. Kevin O’Donnel, Bret Johnson, and Lance McLeroy were all re-elected to two-year terms ending in 2020.

Regime Fees for 2019: Your Board approved a 5% increase in our 2019 regime fees.  Significant increases in expenses were budgeted for property & peril insurance and for installation of a new Wifi system.

Cash: As of 12/10/18 our total cash and cash equivalents are $1,435,713, of which $50,737 is Operating, and $1,384,976 is in Wells Fargo Money Markets. Reminder: $515k of reserves has been set aside for future dredging.

Accounts receivable of delinquent regime fees are:

$   37K        0-30 day category

$  0.7K       30-60 day category

 $ 0.1K      60-90 day category

$    48K    greater than 90 days and in collection status (liens and Small Claims Court actions in process)

If you are one of the above individuals, you need to address your financial responsibilities immediately!

Jetdocks: The Board has approved installation of floating jetdocks. Anyone interested, please contact the Board for details.

2018 recap of marina improvements:

·         Board approved to contract OnSpot to install and manage a new Wifi System. Installed Jan 2019. See dock office for details.

·         Board approved safety ladders an will be ordered and installed on areas of the docks.

·         Board working with AMH regarding opening the 1st floor bathroom.  

Dredging and update:  We are exploring dredging type options to avoid further environmental and permitting costs.  The government decided to require soil sampling with which comes with high costs. A more environmentally friendly clamshell process called an “environmental bucket” is being investigated to avoid these extra costs. 

Insurance Requirements: Vessel liability and salvage insurance was discussed at the annual meeting. We hope to have a resolution on and changes in requirements sometime this year.

Dock Replacement: The Board has undertaken a study on all possibilities to finance full dock replacement.

Rules & Regulations Reminders:

Enforcement of Marina Rule and Regulation # 4: VESSEL CONDITION: “All vessels must be maintained in working order and in good operational condition.  Vessels shall be kept clean and slightly. The Association manager shall have the right to have any un-kept, unsightly vessels repaired and/or cleaned (including corrosion), at the slip owners expense.”

Standard Lease and our Rules and Regulations: All slip owners that rent/lease their slips are reminded that our standard lease requires a strict adherence to all our Rules and Regulations.  Our marina staff works with all tenants to ensure their awareness and their compliance.  However, once staff notifies the tenant and the tenant continues to non-comply with our Rules and Regulation, this then results in non-compliance fees to the slip owner, and can lead to the eviction of a tenant for continual non-compliance.  Please ensure that before any tenant signs a lease, he has read and fully understands all our Rules and Regulations.  Our standard lease and our Rules and Regulations are all posted on

Live aboard moratorium: Effective 1/1/16 a moratorium is placed on our live-aboard program and no NEW live-aboards will be allowed at the Harborage at Ashley Marina. A live-aboard is classified as: Any individual that occupies a vessel more than any 10 days during any 30 day period, and/or consistently habitats on a vessel for 3 or more calendar months. Personal circumstances may be allowed but only with marina staff approval, for example: boat owner vacationing on their vessel. The live-aboard moratorium does not apply to slip owner’s living aboard their personal vessels. Anyone in violation will be subject to a $275.00 monthly non-compliance fee to the slip owner, and revocation of any parking pass.


Any questions or issues can be directed to our marina staff at 843-722-1996, or